About us

Seven Kings Apiary produces raw local honey from its honey bee colonies. We pride ourselves on producing the best honey possible by doing as little as possible to what the bees have already created.

We concentrate on keeping happy, healthy bees and don’t use hard chemical treatments or antibiotics in looking after them.

Unlike much of the honey you find in the shops, we only filter our honey. It is therefore completely unadulterated and is all the better for being that way. We don’t pasteurise it, heat treat it, or blend it with other honey, so you get the pure natural goodness of a raw, local honey as the bees packed it away in their hives.

There’s nothing quite like local honey. We think you’ll agree you can’t put a better honey on your bread. Or in your yoghurt, porridge, cold remedies, hot toddies, or even in your cakes.

Whatever you do with our honey, we know you’re going to love it. Probably just as much as we do.