Beeswax and other hive products


Wax has been used for centuries to make candles, soap and cosmetics, polishes for furniture and shoes and to coat sweets and pills.

It is also used in woodworking to help drive home a screw, lubricate drawer runners and in crafts such as batik, quilting, and to ease the passage of a sewing needle in heavy cloth.

We gather beeswax from our own bees, process it (by melting it and filtering out impurities), and set it into ingots and blocks.

These are available to buy from us when you collect honey, or can be ordered for delivery from my page on ebay.

Wax is a natural product and its colour can vary considerably between very light and darker hues.


Beeswax ingot (28g/1oz) £1.25 each


Beeswax block (28g/1oz) £1.25 each


Honey bee wax block (35g/1.25oz) £1.75 each