New year, new prices


Having held our prices steady for several years, we have had to put up the price of our 1lb/454g jar to £7.50.

Some of you will be aware this might happen, but I’m afraid with fuel prices rising again and inflation – yes, real honest to goodness inflation again, people – along with the cost of equipment, jars, labels, etc, we had no option but to increase the price.

We had considered a larger price increase, but we want local people to enjoy a high quality local product. So, the good news is that the price of our large jar has only gone up by 50p.

Nothing else has changed. Our honey will still be the high quality, delicious sweet stuff you want in your tea or porridge, or perhaps for coughs and colds or a skin complaint.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon.


Parallels Between Unresponsive Honey Bees and Human Autism – Neuroscience News

Researchers report genes implicated in human ASD are regulated differently in honeybees that are more unresponsive than their nest mates. The PNAS study provides insight into the genetic heritage shared across species and offers clues about the evolution of social behaviour.

Source: Parallels Between Unresponsive Honey Bees and Human Autism – Neuroscience News

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The Bee Crisis and How You Can Help – Sustainable America

Though this story is aimed at US readers, the message is much the same. The more you plant to support pollinators, the greater their chance of survival. And that goes for all pollinators, not just bees.   

One-third of U.S. honeybee colonies died last winter, threatening our entire food system. Insects pollinate a third of everything humans eat – that’s one in three bites you take – including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and the forage that feeds livestock. Put in simplest terms, as the bee population declines, so does our food supply. We provide a few ways you can help the bees right now.

Source: The Bee Crisis and How You Can Help | Sustainable America

For this and more bee-related stories, see SKA Bee News.