Buy local honey

From left: 1lb, 12oz and 8oz jars (454g, 340g and 227g)

From left: 1lb, 12oz and 8oz jars (454g, 340g and 227g)

We sell local honey and so we’d like local people to buy it.


I was due to put my prices up in early 2020, but when the COVID-19 crisis struck, I put off making any increases.

Not everyone was covered by the furlough – I certainly wasn’t – and I knew a lot of people were struggling to find any work and to make ends meet. As a result I kept my prices down throughout 2020 and 2021. But it can’t last any longer.

The price of a 454g jar will now be £9.50. If that’s too much for you, I quite understand. Thanks for your past custom and I hope to see you again in the future. But my costs have been increasing over the past three years, especially fuel, rent and storage. I simply can’t sustain my old prices, not even for my regular customers.

It may be of little comfort or interest, but this is still cheaper than many retailers in the area, who often sell 340g for a similar price. But remember, this is a premium, local product that you can’t get in the shops. And you also know where it is from, unlike the flood of so-called honey and ‘organic’ honey that turns up on Facebook Marketplace from who knows where.

Our honey

When processing our honey, we do as little as possible to it. So, there’s no mucking about – we extract it from the honeycomb, filter it to take out any bits of wax (or bee) and bottle it. This means you can enjoy the same product the bees love so much. Though extracted from the comb, this is still what people mean by RAW HONEY, as we are not heat treating it, taking anything out or adding anything in. Over time, honey crystallises and this is entirely normal. However, if stored in a bucket, we will have to use a little heat to liquify it. Then we use a low heat, similar to the temperature inside the hive, to avoid altering the nature of the honey. restaurant_england_leaderboard We have a food hygiene rating of 5/VERY GOOD, so you can be sure we take great care to ensure our honey is treated hygienically and gets to you in the best possible condition. Due to popular demand, we sometimes stock soft set oil seed rape honey and borage honey produced by friends’ bees in Essex. This is the same quality and purity as our own raw honey. We generally stock honey in 454g/1lb jars, because that is what most people want. But if you would like other sizes, perhaps for gifts, just ask. You can order honey to collect from our address in Seven Kings – contact us to arrange an appointment. We generally stock honey ONLY in traditional 1lb/454g glass jars because this is the most popular. Other sizes may occasionally be available – or for special order – but otherwise the only size in stock will be the large one on the left in the picture above. Prices are as follows*: 454g/1lb jar is £9.50 340g/0.75lb/12oz hexagonal jar is £7.50 227g/0.5lb/8oz hexagonal jar is £6.50 113.5g/0.25lb/4oz hexagonal jar is £5.00 42.5g/1.5oz is £2.40 * Only 454g jars are generally available. Other sizes may be available by special request. Discounts are available (not Seven Kings honey) for bulk orders, which would be more than a couple of dozen jars. Don’t expect supermarket prices. We don’t compete with them, because this is a totally different product. Our honey is a high quality, low environmental impact, local product. We’re sure you will prefer it – contact us for details. We also have cut comb honey available in small clear boxes. This not only has the lovely honey, but the wax the bees stored it in. These are sold by the weight of the individual box and is £8.50 for 227g. We also sell beeswax made by our own bees. If you are looking for local honey suppliers in your area, you may find one on the local honey directory.