Swarming season is typically April to June, but can happen outside then depending on the weather. Swarming is perfectly normal and the natural way for honey bees to create new colonies.

20170420_143745If you are in the Ilford/Romford area and believe you have a swarm of honey bees, CLICK HERE to double check that you do.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you if:

  • it is not a swarm of honey bees – we do not deal with any other insects
  • the swarm is above the height of a step ladder – we’re not insured for using long ladders, so if they’re in the eaves or loft, you will have to find someone else
  • the bees are not accessible without some demolition – we’re not builders and can’t make good afterwards. 

To find a beekeeper in your local area, go to the British Beekeepers’ Association swarm collector list and enter your postcode.

 Swarm collection/removal

We will collect a swarm of honey bees and charge a fee of £30 for this service in order to cover the various expenses incurred in relocating a swarm, which may include a number of visits to the site.

A swarm will generally be found on a tree (or bush, door, car, gatepost or almost anywhere else outside) while it decides where to set up its permanent home.

Bee colonies are often found in chimneys, ventilation ducts, loft spaces, etc, and these are no longer swarms.

If the swarm has become an established colony – it’s been there for some time – this is not a swarm and will incur additional charges as there will be a lot more work required to remove all the bees and the honeycomb.

However, we cannot undertake any work that requires long ladders or demolition.

Wasps and other insects

We do not offer pest control or deal with any insects other than honey bees, so do not call us if you have wasps – contact your local council.

If the council tells you to contact us, save yourself some time and find a local exterminator as we don’t deal with wasps or any other insect than honey bees. Ringing us will be like contacting a donkey sanctuary for help with stray dogs.

If you are sure you have a swarm of honey bees (not bumble bees, wasps, etc), we may be able to remove this for you – call us on 07894 419800.

For more information about honey bee swarms at the Essex Beekeepers’ Association website.   


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