I know my honey is good, but now it’s official!

I’ve been so busy in the past six weeks, that I completely forgot to put this up.

I entered the Essex Honey Show this year for the first time this year in several categories. Unfortunately the lids on my ’12 jars labeled for for sale’ entry were a a bit old and scuffed, so didn’t make the cut.

My dark, runny honey also didn’t come up to scratch, because it was in the wrong type of jar. I only had a couple of last year’s taller 1lb jars with the honeycomb detail on the shoulder and as this is not the standard jar, I was disqualified. So, no matter how good it was, I was foiled again.

However, I was amazed when our show secretary gave me these certificates, for novice clear honey and the cut comb – not set categories. I had received VERY HIGHLY COMMENDED in both categories.

Although I entered because I am on my division and county committees, I didn’t think I had a chance against some who have been showing for decades. It just goes to show.

It also made me think of what might have been if my delivery of new jars had been a little earlier – but never mind. It’s nice to know that apart from myself, friends, family and the good people who buy my honey, there are experts who think it’s good stuff, too.


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