Surgeon keeps his bees at work


My old Dutch mate, Tink (pictured), has just had a robotic arm fitted after breaking her collarbone*.

Anyway, it turns out her surgeon is a beekeeper and keeps bees on the roof of the hospital.

Then he sells the honey in the hospital shop, thereby raising money for a good cause and reintroducing honey into the medical establishment.

When my mum started training as a nurse in the late 1950s, honey was being phased out in favour of wonder drugs, otherwise known – and grossly over-prescribed – as  antibiotics.

Though honey seems to be making its way back into medicine in certain dressings, more people should try taking it to see how it may improve their overall health or wellbeing.

What’s the worse that can happen? Yes, their teeth rot and fall out, but only if they take it to excess and don’t follow proper dental hygiene guidelines.

Anyway, here is a clip of a video that shows the bees on the roof.

* Or some such procedure…


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