April swarm in Seven Kings – what’s it worth to a beekeeper?


There is an old saying about swarms and their relative merits. It goes:

Now, there is some truth in such a saying, as swarms take time to collect, tie up kit and present the potential risk of disease to a beekeeper’s apiary. Therefore the earlier you can get and settle it, the greater it will repay the individual who collected it.
Late swarms are not much use and are generally a pain in the backside, hence the sage words of this 17th century proverb.
However, climate change – be it man made or a cyclical modulation – is changing the nature of our summers and swarm collectors are already being called out to swarms. This means we must adapt as our benchmarks all shift. Including the relative value of an early swarm.
Of course, I have yet to see it in the box, move it and home it, but we don’t have any indication of the potential value of such a prize.
So, any ideas? If so, post them below.

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