Swarm of bees in my back garden

There’s been a lot of interest from scouts bees around these old supers I have awaiting new wax in my garden over the past few days.

So I didn’t miss a swarm (they won’t be mine, as I don’t have any bees nearby), I cracked the supers open to give them access.

Then I ordered some cardboard nucleus boxes I have had my eye on for swarms the other day, which arrived yesterday (23 May).

Anyway, there was a lot more interest before midday, so I put a camera out for a time lapse video (later as needs to be uploaded) and before half past noon, it was on.

Here’s a little video of most of the action. The tray on top is simply there to protect the box as it got wet overnight and it also rained again this morning.

There will also be a timelapse video coming soon…




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