Devon County Council takes big step to protect Britain’s bees | Friends of the Earth

The Council has committed to prohibit the use of bee-harming pesticides on its land, where it can.

Source: Devon County Council takes big step to protect Britain’s bees | Friends of the Earth

SumOfUs lobbying group faces legal attacks from agri business

Donate to defend SumOfUs from legal attacks | SumOfUs., a campaigning organisation that gives voice to the views of ordinary people – or rather, given the current environment, ordinary VOTERS – is under attack.

Having threatened to sue countries for their opposition to the use of neonicotinoids, big business has turned its attention to this lobby group.

Now, I’m not asking you to spend money on them – I don’t agree with many of their campaigns – but most of us would support a position that places bees and other pollinating insects above the demands of agrichemical companies and their shareholders.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to make money, but this needs to be an open and honest debate, unlike the one that has been going on in the UK – and other places around the world – for years.

I’m not sure if I will donate to the campaign, but I will be contacting my MP again, drawing their attention to this situation as well as the ongoing problems bees face.

I will also approach the other candidates standing in my constituency to determine their views on this matter.

During the last general election, I was unable to vote for my party of choice as the only three standing were the main parties. However, if I face that situation again, perhaps I will have something to separate these parties on for this campaign.

Writing to your MP couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need pen and paper – you don’t even ned to know who they are.

Just go to, enter your postcode and email them your thoughts. All you then have to do is click a link on a message the system send syou to confirm you are not a bot and they will send it to your MP. Job done.

Let me know what you think below.

Sensible science or big business bypassing bureaucracy? David Goulson smells a rat

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You may have seen a 38º petition to block Syngenta’s attempts to get round the moratorium on certain insecticides.

Professor David Goulson, insect expert and enemy of pseudo-science, psychobabble and marketing bullshit offers his considered view in his latest blog.

If you haven’t seen the petition, you can find it here.