It’s honey time! Time to check your stores…


Seven Kings honey. Not actually from kings, but it certainly is fit for kings. Have you checked how much you have left in the cupboard?

Spring is here and I know all of you who complain of different allergies swear by taking honey from before the season really starts.

Well, I’ve just bottled a load of honey and will be bottling more as it is already going fast.

I have my usual Seven Kings honey – which always goes very fast – which is £7 for a 454g/1lb jar.


This excellent local honey comes from near to Epping and is absolutely delicious on bread, toast, cakes, in drinks, off the spoon. It even looks good just in the jar…

I also have some excellent multifloral Essex honey from a friend of mine who keeps bees near Epping.

This honey is very much like own. It’s a multifloral honey – that just means it’s made up of the nectars of many different types of flowers, as my own Seven Kings one is – and is available in 454g/1lb jars for just £6 each.

It is the same quality as the Seven Kings honey from a very similar area, but some people want Seven Kings only, whereas others just want good quality raw local honey.



Hay fever warning as UK pollen count soars

I have been inundated with demand from hay fever sufferers for my Seven Kings honey.

Many have found their antihistamines are not working with the current high pollen levels and have turned to local honey to alleviate their symptoms.

Many of them have told me symptoms improve, though some of my other customers have told me they need to start taking honey before the hay fever season for it to be most effective.

If you’re a sufferer, what has been your experience? Post your answers below.